Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Test Tomorrow

Well I have my driving and inspection tests for my CDL tomorrow. I hope all that goes well I would hate to think I have spent all this time to not get it! That would really suck! Anyway, assuming that I will pass everything most of tomorrow morning and early afternoon will be dedicated to getting all that in order with the DMV, School, and County Office. Fun Times. However, once its all done my summer break will be official!!!!!
Come Sunday its OFF TO CANCUN! WOO HOO!

Greensboro has been unusually stormy the past few days. Now don't get me wrong I like going to bed hearing the rain and thunder, its peaceful, but then again enough already! I mean when trees start coming up and 2000 people lose power I think we've had enough.

I saw new version of The Omen the other day. All in all a good movie. Very much like the original with a few minor changes. I would definately recommend seeing it both to those who were fans of the original and also to Omen virgins. I'm surprised the uppity christians haven't gone all up in arms yet. Speaking of crazy christians the southern baptist convention is in Greensboro as we speek. Every woman hide your jobs and bake something, people of color and different races stay home, and if you happen to be a homosexual for the love of god avoid the convention area! You just might never be seen again! I suppose what I am getting at is this.....if you are anything other than heterosexual, white, middle to upper class, males then you should take a wide path!
Now don't get me wrong...I consider myself a Christian I was raised Quaker but baptists are just scary!

Anyway, going to look over the test materials...till later!



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